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    The game of craps is very old, it has a lot of history & is very well respected amongst 
    casino games. As a player, you have to be aware of what, & what NOT to we will 
    refer to it as Craps Etiquette.


    As a new player I don’t think I can stress this part of play the most. Craps is a very mature game. The players are often experienced and rules of play are very specific (that’s why you have 4 casino employees at every table).

    That being said, it is also a game that is extremely social and encourages new comers.

    I guess the best way explain it, would be a story about the first time I played in Ceasars (one of the best live casinos) back when I was in University. The table was great, everyone around me was playing anywhere from $100 to $3K on a roll. So it was a fun table with lots of action.

    All the players were extremely helpful. Each in turn would point out things to me, explaining the Craps Slang…almost taking me under their wing.
    At one point I threw down a bet in the horn. The stickman and both dealers didn’t see me place the bet and while it was only a $10 bet when the roll came in, it took 15 minutes for the Boxman to sort out the resulting confusion, much to the annoyance of the whole table.

    The shooter had been on a roll and my screw up had killed the rythim of the game.

    While the reception wasn’t cold, I did have a couple of players tell me to never do that again.

    I also drew a warning from the Boxman.
    So be careful, know the rules, and play safe.

    In this section, I’ve included links on How to play, How to bet and some of the superstitions that evolve around the game.


    DO NOT throw your bet at the dealer…

    Neatly place your wager on the felt & clearly communicate your wager to the dealer, failure to do so will ultimately upset the dealer, other players and slow the game down.


    DO NOT waste time manipulating the dice prior to shooting…

    It’s perfectly ok if you have your lucky pre-throw routine, just make sure you do it in a timely manner, and throw as quickly as you can as to be courteous to other players at the table.


    DO NOT throw the dice like a maniac…

    Make a habit of “tossing” the dice like a gentleman. Being a barbarian will often upset other players, specifically the superstitious ones – who often rely heavily on craps etiquette, dealers will often get offended as well.


    DO NOT use both hands to throw the dice…

    Only handle the dice with one hand while tossing. Using two hands not only looks ridiculous, its otherwise not permitted.


    DO NOT move the dice below the table…

    The dice must always stay above the table, within the view of the dealer. Cheaters will bring the dice beyond view to “swap” them with loaded dice & the table staff will quickly correct you if you make this mistake. It’s not only craps etiquette, but a serious security risk as well, just dont do it.


    DO NOT attempt to place bets after a shooter has been given the dice…

    Dealers absolutely hate this, and for good reason – it’s hard enough to keep track of all of these bets as is, and also provides opportunities for cheaters by allowing them to place late bets without the staff noticing. They will become quite stern, so don’t do it.