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    Superstition 1

    When the dice or a die leaves the casino craps table, the next roll will be a seven. These craps superstitions might be avoided by making sure that the dealers give you the same dice for your next roll. This is why you’ll hear the shooter yell out: “Same dice!”


    Superstition 2

    When the dice hits someone’s hand, that roll will be a seven. This is why you’ll hear so many people shouting: “Watch your hands!” as the shooter starts to roll. Even the casino craps crew will shout this out and be careful of where they place their hands. Many a craps player has accused the casino of jinxing the roll by letting the dice hit a craps dealer’s hand.


    Superstition 3

    When a good roll is in progress never throw money on the casino craps table to cash in while the shooter is shooting. If the dice hit the new money the next roll will be a seven.


    Superstition 4

    A woman who has never rolled the dice will have a hot roll the first time out. This is the Virgin Principle. Female dice virgins are a much sought after breed. When one appears, the veteran players will sometimes place bets for her to win her and her god’s favors.


    Superstition 5

    Men who have never rolled the dice before will have bad rolls. Who said sexism doesn’t exist in craps? We prize virginity in our female rollers and despise it in our males. The males must have experience to know how to give a good roll!


    Superstition 6

    Never open a table or be the first or only player at a table. Dice are cold at a new table and have to be handled before they can warm up.


    Superstition 7

    A wrong bettor at a craps table will increase the likelihood of the seven coming up. And the more wrong bettors at a table, the more the seven will come up.