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    Posted by "The Natural Shooter" On April - 26 - 2011

    On the come out roll, the best bet in the game of craps would be the pass line bet, it has a low house edge of only 1.41 percent. The majority of other bets at this point provide you with much worse odds. If you are new to the game or still feel you have much to learn, you should stay with this bet, it will help minimize your overall risk at the table, allowing you a better chance to win at craps. If you want to get technical, the mathematically best bet would have to be the don’t pass bet. This bet gives you an even better of edge of 1.36 percent, but the problem here is that you are rooting against the shooter, & for an extra 0.05 percent edge…it’s usually just not worth it.

    The most intelligent bet following the come out roll would have to be the odds bet. You are able to make an additional bet (a multiple of the pass line bet) after a point has been determined. The multiple itself may vary between casinos, 2x seems to be a standard nowadays.

    When choosing the odds bet, the beautiful thing is that it will pay out at true odds, meaning the house has absolutely no edge with this particular bet, allowing you an easier craps win. In simpler terms, you should always opt for this betting choice, it’s the most likely to provide a return on your investment.