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Posted by Natural Shooter On November - 21 - 2011 0 Comment

Here at the Natural Shooter…We understand that times are tough & money is tight, fortunately there are others that understand this as well, and that’s exactely why Tower Gaming is offering its players a new casino deposit bonus of up to €100.00 each and every month! Casino players are able to take advantage of this and many other gracious offerings on behalf of Tower Gaming Casino by clicking on the below image.

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Now here is a poker offer you don’t see everyday, absolutely no-strings-attached, legitimate FREE Money Without Deposit. With my past experiences; usually when I come across an offer similar to this…its the ‘too good to be true’ scenario, but not this time. A friend of mine emailed me this link a couple days ago & told me to give it a try, so I did. I honestly expected to get some generic response about not being eligible & then being spammed-to-death after they had added me to some robotic mailer list, this is what usually happens with these types of  [ Read More ]

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Did you know that the game craps has quite the history? Historians have shown that it dates as far back as the times of ancient Egypt, where it can be compared to a very similar game. It can also been seen emerging around the 12th century in the form of its English ancestor, “Hazard”. Craps started showing up around the United states throughout the 1700′s.

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Wan’t to start playing craps online but don’t know if its right for you, or not convinced you have the cash needed to allow for a positive experience? Well we may be able to offer you a deal-maker, & it comes in the form of $100 free cash to get you started. Click on the title or the picture to learn more.

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Some of the worst bets are made in the center of the table layout, these are often referred to as “proposition bets”. It is unwise to place bets here simply because the House has a high edge…So avoid this area at all costs.

Posted by Natural Shooter On March - 1 - 2011 1 Comment

This happens to be the only bet possible within craps that is not listed on the layout of the table, & for good reason…because it is also the only bet possible that does NOT have a House edge. However, to make an odds bet possible, you must first have made a passline bet.

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Tower gaming offers us an interactive & accurate craps experience right from your browser! No need to worry about pissing off the Boxman, learn the game from the comfort of your computer, perfect your skills & then transfer them to real-world experience!