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Where To Play Craps:

  • Online
  • Land Based


    Betting on Craps, both online craps and off-line, has in some respects the most complex betting options. That’s why a good understanding of the game and how to bet is essential for game play.

    That being said, with the basics in hand you can also learn how to bet at the tables, where craps players are traditionally extremely friendly.

    And without further ado How to Bet in craps..

    You may bet on the pass line, don’t pass line, the come, or the field. ALL OTHER CRAPS BETS are placed by the dealer (or the stickman). When in doubt, give the dealer a nod and allow him to watch you placing the craps bet. With online craps you have ability to put bets where you deem they should go, but off-line at a casino. It’s very important not to place bets outside of those areas. When in doubt ask the dealer.

    Craps can be fast and furious especially when you’re at a table where everyone is throwing down thousands on each hand. If a bet is made in a dealer controlled area, like the horn, without the dealer being aware of it, it can stop the game and kill momentum. I’ve even seen them call upstairs to get the security guys to go through the tape just to make sure that you’re on the up and up.

    You want to see how serious the casino can be about form for a bet? Just throw some money down on the table without the dealer seeing it.

    When in doubt just wait your turn and ask the dealer.

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